We create considered spaces of enduring value for better living

Hiring an interior designer is one of the most personal decisions any client will make in their lifetime.  Consequently, we strive to design interiors that are memorable and transformative, and importantly, to deliver a value enhancing service. We achieve this through collaboration and keeping our clients, their dreams and desires at the heart of everything we do. We expect to be a catalyst for positive change in our clients’  lives, going beyond their initial expectations and thereby making the design journey a mutually enjoyable experience.

studio shoot Claudia Dorsch Interiors

Inspired by Hampstead

At Claudia Interiors we design interiors that are singularly focussed on every client’s individual aspirations hence there is no ‘house style’. Our signature is a commitment to service, quality, and sustainability. Our aesthetic interpretation for each project is inspired by the understated, authentic, colourful, creative and eclectic atmosphere that is observed in Hampstead and at Claudia Interiors we apply these insights to projects worldwide delivering unique designs each time.

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