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Marrying aesthetics and practicality

Working closely with clients from our interior design studio through inspirations, concepts and detailed design we will craft schemes with detail and originality which address all aspects of interior finishes on floors, ceilings or walls.  

Claudia is particularly attune to maximising a room’s potential through clever use of decorative changes. There are many tools we can use through Interior Design. Using depth of colours, textures, variety of patterns, mirrors, scale and proportion, symmetry or contrasts, focal points, surprising details and practical solutions in order to shape our experience of spaces.

In the interior design studio we maintain an extensive collection of material samples for tiles, wood, veneers, mirrors, ironmongery, carpeting, rugs, fabrics and wallpapers. As well as vast library of supplier references for every kind of fittings and furnishings. Our book of contacts with artisans and workshops in the UK and abroad allows us to propose and supply any type of custom made furnishings or decorative applications we can conceive.

Often we create entirely new finishes, furniture or fittings and it is this process of conceiving, designing and supplying truly unique stories which we love with every project .

Projects may require all or a selection of the following services

Design Concepts

In the interior design studio, we discuss with clients and our vision in terms of conceptual ideas, these can range from abstract atmospheres to concrete ideas ; often this will result in a presentation or in mood boards using images and sketches as well as sample boards with physical or digitalised boards.

Colour Palette

We often start to convey a theme, mood and concept through colours and will pick a pallette quite early on, often during the first design meeting. During the design journey these shades will be refined as we add more finishes, textures and materials and we revisit and finalise the exact paint colours to be used to ensure the final scheme works in the light on site.

Furniture Selection

We discuss styles and periods of furniture early on during the conceptual design process and these are then refined in the course of our journey, until we pick the exact supplier and items which we will either purchase for the clients or we make designs to be custom made if we need to adjust sizes, materials or shapes.

Finishes & Flooring Selection

We develop the selection process from the conceptual to the final item to be ordered through an iterative process whereby we add, edit and refine all materials which contribute to a room and to the overall project. We propose samples such as wood, porcelain, encaustic tiles, stone, vinyl, carpet, polished concrete, specialist paint or plaster effects, wallcoverings and acoustic materials to suit each project. We have a vast library of previously used materials but more often we contact our suppliers to find new products as we like to create schemes with unique details.

Fabrics & Window Treatments

We work with excellent local workshops who can execute our vision and designs for curtains, blinds, pelmets, headboards, poufs, bedcovers, quilts, cushions and more. We believe in the importance of site visits, especially for windows which often require bespoke solutions and exact measurements. Our long term artisanal relationships ensure we can supply the highest quality installations.

Bespoke Furniture Design

There is hardly a project we work on which doesn't require some form of bespoke furniture, whether it is a radiator cover, hall storage, coffee table, dining table, wardrobes, sofa or just a door handle, we know hundreds of specialist artisans in the UK and abroad and we love finding new and creative people to work with.

Restoration & Upcycling

Claudia has a passion for vintage and antique furniture and lighting and built up a track record of working with restorers for every kind of fixture. Wherever possible Claudia prefers to reuse a vintage piece and restore it to its function and beauty, these pieces add character and charm to any interior and with increasing environmental awareness in the design industry, recycling of furniture is finally having a revival itself.

Art & Antiques Sourcing

Over the past decades, Claudia has developed her eye for spotting interesting and beautifully made artworks and she has a network for sourcing vintage and antique pieces from dealers in the UK and globally.

Dressing & Styling

Whether at the end of a project or as a single consultation, clients ask for Claudia's advice on styling interior spaces or for special events such as Christmas decorations.


Interior styling service

Discover the benefits of a personalised Interior Styling Consultation; drawing on our vast experience, we will give advice for a myriad of home improvements ideas; often this starts as a colour consultation and then we offer so much more.

Interior architecture - service

Claudia is passionate about maximising the potential for any property; this is where our skills come to the fore in optimising your interior transformation in a seamless project.

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