Maximising space and light

A holistic approach

We help clients realise complete transformations of spaces with our interior architecture services. This can range from redesigning one room entirely such as a kitchen extension, or rearranging one floor in a house to working with a team of architects and structural engineers on the conception and realisation of a new build property.

Claudia offers two decades of  Interior Architecture experience which can bring to fruition the optimal results through shaping  all aspects of a space; we move walls around, add glazing, height and light.  

Claudia is always thinking about maximising the space, optimising the flow of traffic. Like actors we get into the role of imagining living in the spaces we create. How will clients live and use their homes; who, where and when is life taking shape in the home; how can we make the experience of each room and the house as a whole most rewarding. Form and function are as important as looks and luxury.

Similarly to our approach on Interior Design, the architectural changes we propose are driven by the understanding we gain of the relationship between the space, the context and the people using it.

Projects may require all or a selection of the following services

Spatial Planning

We propose options for the arrangement of rooms, size of rooms to accommodate the required furniture and consider views and circulation through the spaces

Joinery Design

We are passionate about designing bespoke built-in or free standing furniture; we balance our designs between optimal use of a space and creating interesting and beautiful features through the use of shapes and materials adapted to the particular design theme and vision

Architectural Features

It's the detailing which makes spaces beatiful - from restrained simplicity to the very ornate - we add, remove, reinstate or change features such as skirting boards, architrave frames on doors and windows, cornicing and decorative plasterwork on stairs, walls, furniture, alcoves or fireplaces; from modern to traditional our repertoire of features is varied and layered with different finishes, paint effects and colours we create the ambience to suit each project

Architectural Hardware

Designing , planning and supplying doors, windows and roof lights with the appropriate ironmongery as well as radiators and air conditioning will impact the aesthetic and functional experience of the finished spaces

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Reconfiguring the spatial layout in kitchens and bathrooms can bring incredible improvements in functionality and visual impact. Coupled with bespoke joinery design, selection of colours and materials we achieve life changing transformations

Audio Visual Design

We work as a team with specialists on home automation and sophisticated home media systems, we will guide clients to maximise the value and results that can be achieved for a given budget with the technology available and to ensure the finished spaces look and function beautifully

Lighting Design

We design the location of lighting in each room based on our vision of furniture, art, colours and materials and our vision of how the rooms will be used and what needs to be illuminated. We plan how circuits are switched and dimmed and we select appropriate fittings. For complex projects we work with technical specialists on lighting design, nevertheless, as a team we are passionate about keeping on top of developments in lighting as this will have a huge impact on the look and feel of a home

Project Coordination

On large scale design and build projects we either take full responsibility for coordinating all trades or we can work as part of a team with architects and contractors to ensure the project progresses smoothly; this involves regular site visits and organising sourcing, supplies and responding to design questions as the installation progresses


Interior styling service

Discover the benefits of a personalised Interior Styling Consultation; drawing on our vast experience, we will give advice for a myriad of home improvements ideas; often this starts as a colour consultation and then we offer so much more.

Interior Design - service

We love colour, textiles and distinctive materials; at Claudia Interiors we have vast product knowledge and sample resources at our disposal to create interior schemes which are inviting, comfortable and stimulating.

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